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Kings refurbished steam boiler for recycling plant

Waste not, want not!


King’s Boiler Sales Division recently supplied a refurbished steam boiler to a large local specialist recycling plant to support the treatment and disposal of solid, liquid and gas waste in Norfolk.

This recycling plant is able to process and recycle a variety of oil and oily wastes. Their purpose-built facilities enable them to separate and recover valuable oils and recycle them into biofuels and animal feeds, helping to cut our environmental footprint.

This fully refurbished steam boiler will help to provide environmentally considerate and efļ¬cient waste disposal and management for home businesses and factory waste.

As well as addressing the issues raised by both the local and national environmental needs, this company are committed to increasing and improving the recycling of all waste products.

This is an essential part of improving our world and King’s are proud to be supporting such a valuable resource, contributing to helping the environment.

So, if you’re in the waste management industry and need boiler plant support keep Kings’ Boiler Sales number to hand.

+44 (0)1992 451629   

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